Community Education Employment Opportunities

We invite you to share your knowledge, expertise and passion with our community. We use the following criteria when considering classes proposals:

  • Does the class  align with the mission of the Burnsville, Eagan, Savage School District, which is a culturally proficient school system. Is the class offering sensitive to culturally diverse viewpoints
  • Is the class proposal well thought out and complete
  • We strive to provide a variety of classes that contribute to a balanced program overall
  • Is there suitable space available
  • If the class covers a religious topic, it must be presented from an historical or inclusive educational perspective
  • No class will recruit for political or religious reasons nor will teachers/students offer commentary on these subjects in unrelated classes
  • Class instructors may not actively promote personal businesses
  • Every class must provide a stand-alone learning experience
Community Education classes are based on the interests and needs of the community which means they are flexible and custom designed. Please provide your contact information and a brief description of the class you are interested in teaching when you contact our Program Coordinator.
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, program needs may change and these dates may shift. 

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Course proposal
Please note: Save this form to your computer, complete and re-save. It's helpful for you to use the quarter, year and your name in the file name. Attach to your email response to ;

Please contact Jennifer Green, Enrichment Program Coordinator with questions.
Fall Proposals are due by the first Friday in May for classes that run Late September - December. If you plan on teaching year round, you may include dates for the year.
Winter/ Spring Proposals are due by the Friday after Labor Day. Mid-January-May class start dates. 
Spring/Summer are due by the last Friday in December. Late April-May spring classes and mid-June though August class dates will be accepted.  
Please fill the form out completely, and include your logo or photos of your work (300dpi is necessary for printed material)
You will be notified once it has been determined that your class will be offered. 

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Employment opportunities for Seasonal or Casual employment, Project KIDS, Aquatics & positions with Early Childhood Programs.
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