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Four Questions for a Resilient Life
Community Education continues its investigation and discussion around the topic of resilience.
The workshop, Four Questions for a Resilient Life, will help you identify your core life values and your longer-term life goals.
We are bombarded with change in all areas of our lives. Sometimes things don't turn out the way we'd planned or expected. Having knowledge about what factors contribute to human resilience as well as awareness of resiliency promoting tools can help us face challenges and experience a more peaceful, purposeful, and happier life.
This ia an interactive, interesting workshop in which you will learn about four, research based questions, that have been show to promote human resilience. 
Workshop is led by Vince Therrien, an organizational and change management consultant. He designs, develops and delivers unique and energetic solutions that help people navigate through significant change, improve their skills and competencies. Vince recently facilitated the panel discussion for Contents: Resilience- The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope, hosted by One91 Community Education.  Click to Learn More.