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Try Something New
New Year. New Beginnings. New You. 
Treat yourself to a new experience.
Feel the thrill of creating something with your own two hands. Try calligraphy, painting, rug weaving or cooking!
Energize with a new workout routine. Coach Lucky will start at the very beginning for those new to weight training. Class takes place at the Activities Center in BHS. Felicia will challenge your stamina with drumsticks during a POUND workout. Fencing develops quick reactions, coordination and  is an amazing workout!
Isolate and strengthen muscles gracefully at the Barre or in Belly Dance class. Learn new communication skills through social dance. (Following is not as easy as it looks.)
Broaden your horizons in a Spanish language class. 
Stress less and stretch more. Yoga is physically challenging yet provides tools and techniques to help you center and relax. 
Classes begin in January, so register soon!
Click on the photo to view our winter/spring 2018 catalog. Try something new- we're here for you.