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Online Classes for Kids & Adults
 We work with some pretty amazing, and talented instructors,and together we are making a quick transition to provide online learning opportunities for everyone. 
When you visit our website now, you'll find a variety of classes for kids and adults. 
Classes for Kids  (click to learn more)
Drama Lab TV where they play games and learn to think on their feet and outside of the box. We hear reports of laughter and a lot of fun from participants. 
RECESS! is a new offering provided by Improv Parenting. 
Kids take a 45 minute break in the afternoon and play games together and apart. Stretch bodies and brains! You just need enough room to move your body up and down and side to side. 
Improv Parenting is a very creatiive, highly energetic group, who foster confidence, creativye, and connection through playful arts experiences. 
Mayer Arts Dance has partnered with Community Education for many years providing Performance and Recreational dance opportunties. We were very happy when the announced live, online classes on Saturday mornings. 
Wish Upon a Ballet for ages 3-6, Ballet for ages 6-12, and Jazz & Hip Hop for ages 5-12. 
Young Rembrands Web Art Lessons are helping kids create colorful, fun pictures. 10 weeks of web lessons that you access when you want to. Just register no later than May 17 to receive access to all 10 lessons. Last week kids were drawing dogs, and this week the lesson is in the style of Peter Max, so they are getting exposure to a variety of subjects and styles. 

Online Classes for Adults 
Follow the link above to learn more and get all the details on an array of interesting things for you. 
With Liberty and Justice for All is a 5 session class with Frank Sachs providing an armchair overview of the Criminal Justice in America. Mr. Sachs is a retired educator who recnetly enhanced his fund of knowledge by studying the American judicial system at teh Supreme Court Institue for Teachers in Washington DC. 

The Theater of Public Policy is one of our favorite creative teams to work with. We've invited them in on four occassions to help us out with events. Take a Creativity Break with an improv artist from the Theater of Public Policy.
This 30 minute mid day break is designed to get you out of your head and give you some otuside inspriation to get or keep those creative juices flowing. It would be fun to do this with family, friends or co-workers. Two ways to register, a 4 session class or per session. (only available once the minimum class enrollment is met)
Also with the Theater of Public Policy, Improv 101.  This is an evening class that meets Wednesday and Friday over the course of two weeks. There is plenty to practice online in this beginner level improvisation course. 
Acupressure to Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia with Janice Novak. Janice is a well known and well liked instructor. She has a Master's degree in Health Education and is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker and wellness consultant. 
Art for Wellness is a new class presented by Jessica Metzger, certified art therapist. Harness the power of art fro physical, emotional and mental wellbeing through visual journaling. 
Delectable French Silk Pie online baking demonstration with Nancy Burgeson. Join Nancy in her kitchen as she takes you step by step throught the process of creating this tasty chocolate creation!

There's morning and evening yoga classes too. 
Even though we can't meet in person, we continue to bring the people in our community together. Check back often, we are working on many more opportunities.