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Spend Your Summer at GTI 
Stretch your mind, body and imagination this summer at GTI.
Activities are geared towards students' academic, physical, and social development. 

Look for new classes this year including Creativity Labs (grades 1-5) that help develop creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills through improv games and arts-based maker challenges.Three unique offerings, Monsters & Superheroes, Make Things that Go, and Marble Runs.Taught by artists from Improv Parenting, Creativity Labs encourage a DIY spirit, process over product and collaboration with playful engagement. 
Slapstick! (grades 4-8) teaches students about silly walks, pratfalls, and pies in the face, all the basics of physical comedy and comic improvisation. Instructor Rudd Rayfield, has a long history with local children's theater and education. 

Learning takes an artistic turn this summer with teaching artist Kate Langlais. Begin with Painting Minnesota, the land of lakes, loons and lady slippers. Learn about our state symbols, wildlife, woods and prairie lands and study several famous Minnesotans, Bob Dylan, Charles Schultz and Judy Garland. Continue with Painting Portraits, Painting History, Painting Landscapes and Painting Science. 

Explore Peru and help solve the curious mystery of the missing ancient Wari treasure. Students in grades 1-3 will learn Spanish as they  visit an architectural site, art museum, hike the Machu Picchu Trail and more during Adventures in Peru

Chinese Language & Culture (grades 1-5) with the Ledian Chinese School will provide students with basic facts about China, and a taste of Chinese language and culture. Plum blossom painting and paper cutting are just a couple of the activities students will enjoy.

Two unique culinary arts classes will take place at Burnsville High School this summer. Students entering grades 4-9 will have the opportunity to work with Chef Matt Deutsch and advanced students in the BHS Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Pathway. Gourmet Burger Design Lab  will give students the opportunity to explore, design and create all the components of their burger basket. Everything from the burger and bun to fries and condiments will be made in class from scratch. 
Sauce It Up with the key element to any successful dish. Sauces provide the ultimate taste and textural experience. You'll learn about and create stock which is a building block for many sauces and also create flavorful macaroni and cheese, homemade ranch dressing, spaghetti with Bolognese, chimichurrie and a delectable dessert sauce. End class by designing your own pan sauce to accompany your final dish. 

STEM classes abound at GTI - from Rockin' Robots, Fornite Game Design, CSI Zootopia, Eureka Engineering, Shocking Electrical Engineering, Sci Girls Get Tech, Young Inventors and so much more. 
Classes are offered Monday-Thursday at Sky Oaks Elementary and meet 9 am-12 pm, 1-4 pm or 9 am-4 pm. 
Five sessions between June 24-August 1. Free lunch and lunchtime supervision provided for students attending a full day of classes. Extend your day with extra class options or Project KIDS school age care. 
View the catalog here   to learn more about these and other opportunities. Visit to register.
Call 952-707-4150 with questions.