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Clan Fitness with Clandestine Strength
Clandestine Strength is a world class fitness gym located in Burnsville. 
District ONE91 Community Education is pleased to partner with Clandestine Strength to offer you classes with Vernon and Caitlin.
Each brings their own passion and specialized skill to their coaching.
Vernon's lifelong love of expression through movement has brought him through a variety of sports and training, and ultimately to earn credentials through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, CrossFit and BioForce Conditioning. Vernon coaches a wide range of athletes from national-level rugby players and distance runners/cyclists to full-time students, military servicemen and women, heath professionals, and everyone at every age and ability level in between.  
Caitlin's fitness journey began as an adult when she made a decision to put her health and fitness first and with the help of Coach Vernon's thoughtful and personalized workouts, she's transformed her body and lifestyle. 
Caitlin specializes in coaching the Function Program at Clandestine Strength. The focus is on building a strong, well-rounded foundation where intensity is secondary to quality movement and injury prevention. She holds certifications in nutrition, CrossFit and from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 
Clandestine Strength's program is meant for every background and skill level. 

Our collaborative classes are held at Clandestine Strength located at 11975 Portland Ave #116 in Burnsville. 
You will hit your fitness and weight-loss goals in coach led, group workouts that combine cardio with resistance exercises and strength training. Time-efficient, varied routines help prevent workout plateaus. You'll receive a six-week healthy eating guide, six weeks of at-home workouts with guided explanations of each movement, and a one-on-one goal setting strategy session with an expert coach.
There are a couple of days and times to choose from.Classes begin April 18 or April 22. What a great jumpstart to summer!   Get the skinny on our classes here.