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CONTENTS: The Story We Tell is the World We Create          
Tuesday, October 17, 7-8:30 pm
Diamondhead Education Center- Eagan Room

Within each of us lies information that may guide and direct us to the path of a more meaningful life. With the assistance of an ancient spiritual resource, we can tap into this wisdom to help us make decisions personally or professionally. Her how others have utilized this information to reap benefits in many areas of their lives, and how you can too. 
Learn: How to access the wisdom of our souls.
What type of information we can discover. 
Who can access this information?
Why is it helpful?
 Speaker, Barb Brodsho is a Soul Purpose Coach and Holistic Healer who helps people heal in body, mind, soul, and spirit so they can live their purpose and thrive. She has a master's degree in Theology and certifications in spiritual direction, energy medicine, and soul-level healing.