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January 7, 2021

Burnsville Senior Center

Weekly Update                     

(January 7, 2021)   #38
Good morning this is Michele Starkey, Coordinator of the Burnsville Senior Center and this is my Thursday morning update call.

First of all,  let me congratulate each of you for surviving 2020!  I believe there has already been a song written about this survival, but I must say you got thru it, you did it and congrats! Now let the vaccinations begin.  Some clinics and some insurance companies are notifying seniors about when vaccinations are available.  We have NO information that COVID vaccinations will be available here so please listen and watch for details from your specific health care provider.  If you need a COVID test – they are available by calling 612-223-8838 for an appt. And remember, you can also check with your health care provider to see about additional options.

We are back here this week answering the phone, Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm and happy to take your calls.  You can reach us at 952-707-4120. 

We will be reopening the Burnsville Senior Center for classes again beginning next Monday, January 11. Everything we offer if remains modified.  The biggest change for us is that you must keep your mask on while in fitness classes.  Classes size will remain relatively small.  If you are interested please call us since you must be pre-registered to participate.

Currently, we are NOT providing tax preparation this year for seniors, low income and disabled individuals.  This may change and IF I hear anything I will communicate that to you immediately.

The One91 Community Pantry which is a no cost food alternative held here at DEC Center the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month from 3 – 430pm.  Upcoming dates are January 19, February 2 and February 16, from 3 – 430pm (or until the food is gone).  Remember the One91 Pantry is available outside door #9, which is on the west side of the building – off Pleasant Street.

So, last evening I had a moment (actually, several moments) when I realized just how difficult and troubled things are right now.  COVID, amongst other things, has given us A LOT of time to think, perhaps too much time.  Having said that I am have had a really great week and I want to share my joy with you.  Earlier this week, I became a new grandma again.  My newest granddaughter arrived earlier this week.  There is that saying that the third time is the charm and this is my third grandchild – well let me just say that I think she is quite the little charmer.  At a time when a little good news can’t hurt, I just wanted to share some of my good news with you.  I hope it brightens your day just a bit.

Please remember to hang in there, wear your mask - stay safe, stay well and stay connected.

         Thank you & Goodbye

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