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Family Fun Night! 

6-8 P.M. Diamondhead Education Center.

Keep your body moving and your brain thinking while you explore adventurous activities! Use your muscles with active games, balls, the climbing wall, and a dance party. use your brain and play games, create art and solve scientific questions. When bodies move, brains grow! 
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Healthy Communities Know Your Neighbor

Tuesday, February 26, 6-8 p.m.
Upper Level - Diamondhead Education Center.
200 W. Burnsville Pkwy.
All ages welcome.
Snacks provided.

Know Your Neighbor and the Burnsville YMCA began the Healthy Communities Conversation in the fall. The next conversation is on youth, the future of our community. Join us for this evening of intentional social interaction and conversation about strengthening our community for youth. We'll look at what activities and services are provided for youth, while considering what else would be beneficial for our youth. Several community partners who provide activities for youth will join us tonight.
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CONTENTS: The Story We Tell is the World We Create

Executive Function - sounds important right? And it is. 
Turns out it's the ability to regulate thoughts, actions and emotions, which is super important so we can lead productive, fulfilling lives as adults. Learn more about this valuable predictor of academic and life success through interviews, discussion and humor. 
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