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CONTENTS: The Story We Tell is the World We Create

Executive Function - sounds important right? And it is. 
Turns out it's the ability to regulate thoughts, actions and emotions, which is super important so we can lead productive, fulfilling lives as adults. Learn more about this valuable predictor of academic and life success through interviews, discussion and humor. 

The Theater of Public Policy masterfully advances the understanding of complex ideas by drawing on improvisational comedy. 

Included on our panel- Stephanie Carlson, a Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota, and co-founder of Reflection Sciences. 
She conducts research on the development of executive function including how to measure it in children a young as age 2; what to expect of children of different ages and life experiences; what distinguishes children who have better or worse executive function; and how to improve these critical skills that predict greater achievement in many area of life. Free, but please RSVP here.