Frequently Asked Questions and Information

What's a typical day at The EDGE look like?
The EDGE site, located at Harriet Bishop Elementary, opens at 7:00. You can arrive at The EDGE anytime before we leave for our daily field trip. You should plan on being at The EDGE at least 15 minutes before we are scheduled to leave that day. If you are riding one of our shuttle buses, you will arrive at the site in plenty of time for our daily fieldtrip. Each bus will also offer an opportunity for each participant to receive breakfast. Before we leave each day, you can spend time hanging out at the site with your friends and make new friends. We have over 25 arcade style video games that are free to play. We have ping-pong, pool and foosball tables to play. We have card games, arts and crafts and gym games to play. We also have a big screen movie area, a computer lab and other places to hang out and relax with your friends.
Fifteen minutes before our scheduled departure time, we will gather as a group to discuss today's field trip and give you any information you'll need about the day. We will do attendance to see who is here today. We will tell you the times and locations for check-ins on the field trip. After our meeting, we will board the buses and leave for the field trip.
On the field trip, you will either be with a group of 2 or more friends of your choice, or you will be with a group that has a staff member, depending on what your parent or guardian wants. If you're with a group of friends, you must stay with that group the whole day. At no time should any EDGE participant be alone on a field trip. Wandering off and/or ditching anyone in your group is strictly prohibited at The EDGE, and if caught doing so, you will need to be with a staff person on future field trips.
At check-in times, it is very important to arrive on time; if you are late to check-in, you may need to spend the rest of the day with a staff member.  Please make sure the staff person doing check-in acknowledges that you have checked-in.
Once we arrive back at the site from our field trip, you can spend time hanging out at the site if you want. We will provide a snack for free and we will also open the snack bar for "ala carte" purchases. You can purchase a punch card that remains on site through your SACC account. We will not be accepting cash at the Snackbar this year Concessions range from .50 cents to $2.00 
You can leave whenever you want once we get back. The shuttle buses will then leave according to the bus schedule. A staff person will announce when each bus is leaving, and each participants responsibility to make sure that you get on the appropriate bus. If you're walking home or getting picked up, The EDGE closes at 5:00, so you should plan accordingly. The building doors close at 5:00 and The EDGE staff does NOT remain on site after 5:00. If you are late to pick up your child, it may result in late fees and/or termination of the program.

When should I arrive at The EDGE?
You should arrive at The EDGE between 7:00 and 9:45 for most field trips. On some trips with a longer drive (like Vikings Training Camp and Taylor's Falls/Wild Mountain), we may leave earlier, so please check the weekly voicemail for information by calling 952-707-3908. If you're using the provided transportation, the bus pick-up times remain the same and you will arrive at the program at the right time.
The EDGE provides shuttle buses to schools in the Burnsville, Lakeville, Farmington and Shakopee school district's. These buses are available every day and do not require you to sign-up in advance. If you plan on taking the bus, please be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up. Bus pick up sites are NOT staffed, so students will be waiting on their own until the bus arrives.
In the afternoon, participants who want to ride the shuttle buses back to stops are responsible for getting on the bus when it leaves. The EDGE staff does not keep track of who rides the buses. A staff person will announce when each bus is leaving, but it is the responsibility of each participant to get on the bus, The EDGE is not responsible for students who miss the bus.

Check-in times are an important part of the added responsibility that EDGE participants enjoy. Since participants do not have to be with staff members at all times, we use check-ins to make sure that all participants are safe and accounted for at various times during the trip. Before we leave the site and before we break off into our groups on the trip, The EDGE staff will let participants know what time they need to check-in and where check-ins will be located. It is advised that participants have a watch or phone to keep track of the time. Participants MUST BE on time to check-ins. Even a minute late is still late and participants who check-in late may need to be with a staff member for the remainder of the day and on future field trips.
In addition, participants who do not need to be with staff members on the field trip must always be in a group of 2 or more participants. Participants must have their group approved by a staff member before heading off on their own. They must also stay with that group for the entire day, unless a staff member approves a change. Participants must NEVER be alone on a field trip. Wandering off and/or ditching group members is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Consequences for such actions include being with a staff member during field trips, a phone call home and in some cases suspension from the program.

Lunch, Fast Food Stops and Spending Money
There are a variety of options when it comes to having lunch while at The EDGE. Some of our field trips include a lunch at a restaurant, like Ole Piper Pizza, McHugh's and Buca di Beppo. If such a stop is listed as the field trip for that day, lunch is provided at no extra cost to participants.
The EDGE provides a free optional bag lunch to participants every day. This lunch usually include a sandwich (peanut butter and jelly or deli meat and cheese), sunflower seeds, fruit and a juice or milk. Participants do not need to reserve a lunch in advance. They just need to grab a lunch at The EDGE that morning before we leave. We will announce when lunches are being distributed, usually during morning attendance.
Periodically, we will make stops at Sonic to purchase sweet treats for everyone. These stops are impromptu and not usually listed on our calendars. If we make a stop for slushies or ice cream cones, The EDGE will pay for all participants to have whichever treat is provided. If participants want to buy something else, they will have the option to do so but must use their own spending money.

Spending money at The EDGE is always optional. Participants who want to bring extra spending money may do so but that money is their responsibility, not The EDGE staff's. If participants want to purchase concessions at places where they are available, that is their choice. The EDGE will always provide the standard bag lunch for participants who choose not to bring their own lunch or extra spending money.
Participants may always choose to bring their own lunch from home if they do not want to choose one of the options listed above.

Many of our field trips take place outside and we recommend participants use sunscreen on a regular basis. Participants should bring their own sunscreen. The EDGE staff will help remind participants to apply sunscreen, but the staff will not physically apply sunscreen for participants.
Calendars are due by the 1st of every month. Once your calendar has been turned in, you are responsible for the days you have signed up for, even if you need to change your attendance. There is a $15 change fee for changing days of attendance.
On most days, we have available spaces for drop-in attendance. If you did not originally schedule a day on your calendar, but decide that you would like to attend a day, please call us as soon as possible at 952-707-3908 to see if we have openings. Most field trips have drop-in openings, but trips that fill up quickly or require tickets for admission may not be available for drop-in attendance.
Fees & Fee Failures
Registration Fee: $25
Tuition Payment: This includes all transportation, entrance fees, breakfast, lunch, and a snack.
Payment Policy: The EDGE program requires all families to have a credit/debit card on file when registering for The EDGE. Checks are no longer an accepted form of payment. All payments need to be made online through your family account. Your credit card will be charged on the 25th of each month for the contracted amount due if a payment hasn't been made. Any drop-in dates after the 25th
 will be added to the following month’s tuition charges.
Late Payment Fee: A $20 per month charge will be applied for credit cards that are declined for any reason. The EDGE may terminate participants for repeated payment declines or repeated late payments.
Collections: Failure to make monthly tuition payments will result in program termination and the account will be turned over to Trans World Systems if ISD 191 is unsuccessful in collection monthly tuition

Contact: Shar Lattery