Community Education Advisory Council

 The Community Education Advisory Council is a group of citizens, school district staff members, and municipal representatives who advise the community education director in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the department's activities.The advisory council process assures that community education remains in touch with the people it serves. Members of the advisory council are drawn from all areas of the school district, and the group meets regularly during the school year. If you have an interest in helping us chart our future and are willing to meet five or six times during the school year, this is a great opportunity to get involved. You will make new acquaintances, gain a deeper understanding of community education and the district as a whole, and be at the forefront of a host of exciting new ventures and opportunities. If you or someone you know would be interested in learning more or becoming a member, call Tom Umhoefer at 952.707.4112. 

Contact: Tom Umhoefer