Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)


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ECFE builds relationships, enriches family life and supports learning for families with children birth to pre-kindergarten.

Families can expect three things at a typical ECFE class

Parent and child play experiences
Playing together in the planned early childhood environment builds the parent/child relationship, supports children's development, strengthens social skills and fosters a joy of learning

Adult discussion with a licensed parent educator
Talking about how children grow and develop, discussing ideas about parenting and learning skills to help children thrive support adult learning and families.
Guided play with licensed early childhood teachers
Guided play happens when early childhood teachers and support staff provide planned, intentional activities, materials and conversation to support children's interests and choices as they play. 

Please note that most of the ECFE and infant and toddler classes are 1 1/2 hours in length and  are typically non-separating while birth to pre-kindergarten classes are 2 hours in length and do separate for discussion. ECFE also offers a variety of non-separating options, community locations and topics groups.

Sliding Fee Scale

ECFE uses a sliding fee scale based on family income and is intended to provide affordable fees for all families who choose to participate.  This scale is intended as a guide for payment.  A reminder about fees: No family is turned away if unable to pay.  
ECFE Semester Sliding Fee Scale
Yearly Income Fee A: 90 minute Fee B: Two-Hour
$115,000 + $130 $140
$95-114,999 $110 $120
$70-94,999 $90 $100
$50-69,999 $70 $80
$30-49,999 $50 $60
$0-29,999 $30 $40


ECFE Yearlong Sliding Fee Scale (September - May Classes)
Yearly Income Full Year 3 Payments
$115,000 + $390 $135
$95-114,999 $340 $115
$70-94,999 $290 $95
$50-69,999 $225 $75
$30-49,999 $180 $60
$0-29,999 $120 $40


Three Payment Plan: First payment due at registrations; second payment due January 6; thrid payment due last day in March. Registration accepted mid-year if space is available. Contact the office at 952-707-4150 for assitance.