Aquatics Evaluation

 1. What is the age of the participant?
 2. Gender
 3. Type of aquatics class:
 4. Instructor Name
 5. Which pool?
 6. When did you take the class?
 7. In what city do you live and are you a part of the 191 School District?
 8. The locker rooms and shower conditions are:
 9. The pool and deck condition is
 10. The pool and facilities are open and available in a timely fashion

 11. The instructor communicates well with participants

 12. The class begins and ends promptly

 13. The instructor uses age appropriate activities

 14. What was your most valuable experience in this course
 15. What would you change to make this course better?
 16. Are there any new classes/programs/activities you would like us to bring to this community?
 17. How did you learn of the class(es) in which you are currently registered? Please check all that apply.
 18. Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation. We value your input. You may use this space for any additional comments you may have.