Adult Program Evaluation

 1. Course Title
 2. Instructor Name
 3. In what building did this class take place?
 4. When did you take this class?
 5. What city do you live in?
 6. Is that in Independent School District 191
 7. Gender
 8. Which age range do you fall in?
 9. This class did what it said it would do

 10. The instructor knew his/her subject

 11. The instructor was well prepared and presented the material effectively

 12. The instructor was enthusiastic and able to communicate positively.

 13. The instructor made me feel welcome and comfortable in class.

 14. The class registration process was easy.

 15. The class was the right length of time.

 16. The room and equipment were adequate and appropriate.

 17. The class is one which I will recommend to a friend.

 18. What did you find most valuable about your experience in this course?
 19. What would you change to make this class better?
 20. What new classes/programs/activities would you like to see us bring to this community?
 21. Are you aware of an outstanding instructor we should contact to teach for 191 Community Education? Please provide as much information as you can about him/her.
 22. How did you find out about this class? Check all that apply.
 23. Thank you for taking time to complete this evaluation. Please use this space to provide us with any other information pertinent to your Community Education experience.